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BACKGROUND Noninvasive cortical stimulation could represent an add-on treatment to enhance motor recovery after stroke. However, its clinical value, including anticipated size and duration of the treatment effects, remains largely unknown. OBJECTIVE The authors designed a small semi-randomized clinical trial to explore whether long-lasting clinically(More)
It has been argued that the control of instrumental action by motivational states is indirect, being mediated by the effects these states have on the incentive value of the instrumental outcome (A. Dickinson & B. W. Balleine, 1994). In this study, the benzodiazepine agonist midazolam was found to control instrumental action in a similar manner. Midazolam (1(More)
African-American female adolescents living in urban environments are at risk for adverse adjustment outcomes, and thus it is imperative to identify protective factors. Religion has been found to be a significant protective resource against many types of maladaptive adjustment outcomes among adolescent samples. The present study accomplishes the following:(More)
Four cases of pulmonary leiomyosarcoma are presented. The characteristic histological features are described with specific reference to the criteria of malignancy. It is suggested that diagnosis by bronchoscopy provides insufficient material for histological grading and open lung biopsy is the diagnostic tool of choice. The available methods of treatment(More)
  • J B Ball
  • AJR. American journal of roentgenology
  • 1987
Direct oblique sagittal CT was used to evaluate trauma to 77 orbits. Sixty-seven orbital wall fractures with intact orbital rims (36 floor, 22 medial wall, nine roof) were identified in 47 orbits. Since persistent diplopia and/or enophthalmos may warrant surgical repair of orbital floor fractures, optimal imaging should include an evaluation of extraocular(More)
  • J Ball
  • Clinical orthopaedics and related research
  • 1979
The essential articular pathology of AS may be said to reflect the occurrence, severity, and overall bias of (a) synovitis which tends to produce articular erosion, and (b) an inflammatory enthesopathy which results in capsular ossification in diarthrodial joints and syndesmophyte formation in cartilaginous joints, both of which are primarily responsible(More)
Cardiac tamponade following open heart surgery is well described, although, fortunately, uncommon. Unlike more classical “primary” tamponade, the clinical features are not specific, and this can delay diagnosis. In practice, the threshold for investigation must be low, and echocardiography has been invaluable in the detection and localization of pericardial(More)
In a review of more than 1,000 posteroanterior views of normal adult chests, a curving contour that relates to the major fissure laterally along the superior segment of the lower lobe was identified in 14%. The contour, which was more often seen as an edge rather than a line, was noted only on the right in 4%, only on the left in 6%, and on both the right(More)
One hundred computed tomograms of patients with normal lungs were reviewed to determine the normal characteristics of the major fissures and the minor fissure and how often each is seen. Each major fissure was imaged most often as a lucent band, less often as a line, and least often as a dense band. The percentage visualization of these three appearances is(More)
Over a 4-year period 185 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis in children were confirmed by culture of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, usually from gastric aspirate. The majority of cases occurred in boys (62%) and the younger age groups were more commonly affected--26% of patients were less than 1 year old and 65% less than 3 years of age. At the time of(More)