Joanna Śniecikowska

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Studies proved that among all α1-adrenoceptors, cardiac myocytes functionally express only α1A- and α1B-subtype. Scientists indicated that α1A-subtype blockade might be beneficial in restoring normal heart rhythm. Therefore, we aimed to determine the role of α1-adrenoceptors subtypes (i.e., α1A and α1B) in antiarrhythmic effect of six structurally similar(More)
Since 5-HT6 receptors play role in controlling feeding and satiety and dopamine is essential for normal feeding behavior, we evaluated the ability of EMD 386088-5-HT6 receptor partial agonist and dopamine transporter inhibitor-to reduce body weight in obese rats, as well as its anorectic properties (calorie intake reduction) in rat model of excessive eating(More)
We describe a novel class of designed multiple ligands (DMLs) combining serotonin 5-HT6 receptor (5-HT6R) antagonism with dopamine D2 receptor (D2R) partial agonism. Prototype hybrid molecules were designed using docking to receptor homology models. Diverse pharmacophore moieties yielded 3 series of hybrids with varying in vitro properties at 5-HT6R and(More)
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