Joann M. Moreno

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We consider the Fuzzy Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (FVRPTW) where the travel times are triangular fuzzy numbers. The Chance-Constrained Programming (CCP) methodology is used to handle uncertainty and specify a confidence level at which it is desired that the travel times to reach the customers fall into their time windows. We propose and(More)
With reference to the article "Assessment of the efficiency of the clinical management of neuropathic pain in specialist clinics compared to general clinics in neurology health care units in Spain" by Matias-Guiu et al, a reflection is made on the methodological and operational difficulties of working with results in health, quality of life or costs in(More)
Until now Neurology has lacked a patron saint who, taking the most advantage of the rich cultural tradition inherited from our past and independently of the religious ideology of each one, can be helpful approach in the neurologist figure to different people. An Ad Hoc Committee from the Neurology History Study Group of the SEN has researched the medical(More)
INTRODUCTION Some studies of ischemic cardiopathy have shown that when pravastatin is used for the prevention of strokes, these are reduced. Whilst we await suitable clinical trials, we discuss the possible role played by these drugs in this subgroup of patients. DEVELOPMENT A panel of experts from different specialties assess the data published on(More)
This article wants to be a memory to the figure and neuro-pathologic work of D. Gonzalo Rodríguez-Lafora. The tediousness of its neurological work allows to divide it in its slopes neurophatologic, neurophysiologic, clinic and therapy. Also, it embraces other topics outside of the field of the neurology, centered fundamentally in the psychiatry. It is(More)
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