Joann J. Ordille

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We witness a rapid increase in the number of structured information sources that are available online, especially on the WWW. These sources include commercial databases on product information, stock market information, real estate, automobiles, and entertainment. We would like to use the data stored in these databases to answer complex queries that go(More)
We describe the architecture and query-answering algorithms used in the Information Manifold, an implemented information gathering system that provides uniform access to structured information sources on the WorldWide Web. Our architecture provides an expressive language for describing information sources, which makes it easy to add new sources and to model(More)
Nomenclator is an architecture for providing efficient descriptive (attribute-based) naming in a large internet environment. As a test of the basic design, we have built a Nomenclator prototype that uses X.500 as its underlying data repository. X.500 SEARCH queries that previously took several minutes, can, in many cases, be answered in a matter of seconds.(More)
Today’s global internetworks challenge the ability of name services and other information services to locate data quickly. We introduce a distributed active catalog and meta-data caching for optimizing queries in this environment. Our active catalog constrains the search space for a query by returning a list of data repositories where the answer to the(More)
The global Intemet provides users with an information labyrinth rich in resourees, yet confusing and difficult to navigate. Many researchers are responding with a desire to integrate all ~es, indeed all information, into one global (file) tree. We know (and wonder how the rest of the world fails to see) that hierarchical navigation is an inadequate query(More)