Joanilson S. Guimaraes

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To evaluate clinically the slowing of cognitive processing in Parkinson's disease, we used a visual discrimination task consisting of 15 superimposed images of objects. The time needed to identify 12 objects increased by 58% in 70 patients withdrawn from levodopa treatment compared with 20 controls matched for age and education. Perceptual, motor, and(More)
Multielectrodes have been used with great success to simultaneously record the activity of neuronal populations in awake, behaving animals. In particular, there is great promise in the use of this technique to allow the control of neuroprosthetic devices by human patients. However, it is crucial to fully characterize the tissue response to the chronic(More)
The frequency of parkin mutations was evaluated in 30 families of highly diverse geographic origin with early-onset autosomal recessive parkinsonism. Twelve different mutations, six of which were new, were found in 10 families from Europe and Brazil. Patients with parkin mutations had significantly longer disease duration than patients without the mutation(More)
Hypokalemic periodic paralysis (hypoPP) is an autosomal dominant disorder belonging to a group of muscle diseases known to involve an abnormal function of ion channels. The latter includes hypokalemic and hyperkalemic periodic paralyses, and non-dystrophic myotonias. We recently showed genetic linkage of hypoPP to loci on chromosome 1q31-32, co-localized(More)
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