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INTRODUCTION Alopecia areata usually presents as patchy, nonscarring hair loss. It seems to be an immune mediated disease, whereas genetic predisposition, environmental and psychological triggers may be involved in its aetiology. OBJECTIVES To study the epidemiology, clinical aspects, associations, and treatment of alopecia areata in the paediatric(More)
Computational models of vocal fold vibration are used to investigate the physics that governs speech. The effect of a polyp's mass, stiffness, position, and aspect ratios on the natural frequencies and modes of vibration of a vocal fold are studied using an in-house finite element code. Polyp mass has the most significant effect, damping vibration. The(More)
Autoimmune progesterone dermatitis (APD) is a rare skin condition with a varying morphology, which appears on a monthly basis during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle and resolves spontaneously with the endogenous decrease in progesterone during menses. We present the case of 39-year-old multiparous Caucasian woman with generalised, self-limited(More)
Metastases are synonymous of malignant neoplasm in advanced stage and so associated with a poor prognosis. As the first manifestation of cancer disease, the muscle metastasis is very rare. The definitive diagnosis of its presence is made based on histology. The authors presented the case of a patient with a lung adenocarcinoma, being with first(More)
Coma blisters are lesions that occur in the setting of a variety of neurological diseases. Although most commonly associated with barbiturate overdose, they can be seen in the setting of coma due to other etiologies. Blisters develop 48-72 h after the onset of unconsciousness. We report the case of a 29-year-old man who presented to the emergency department(More)
Primary liver lymphoma is extremely rare, in most of cases it is a B cell lymphoma. Usually the diagnosis is made in middle-aged individuals and most of them have a relatively short life expectancy. In this article, the authors present a case report of a 75-year-old woman with symptoms of three weeks of evolution of diffuse abdominal pain, asthenia and(More)
A more complete understanding of the physical relationships, between wall-pressure and turbulence, is required for modeling flow-induced noise and developing noise reduction strategies. In this study, the wall-pressure fluctuations, induced by low Reynolds number turbulent boundary layers, are experimentally studied using a high-resolution microphone array.(More)
Protein contact dermatitis (PCD) is a contact dermatitis caused by high-molecular-weight proteins. This entity has been reported with increasing frequency, most commonly as occupational hand dermatitis in food handlers. Clinically, it is characterized by a chronic and recurrent dermatitis with erythema, scaling, and fissures with acute exacerbations(More)
BACKGROUND The increasing use of long-lasting nail aesthetic products has led to a growing number of cases of allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) caused by (meth)acrylates in recent years. OBJECTIVES To provide information on ACD caused by (meth)acrylates related to nail cosmetic products. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed files of patients with ACD(More)