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Immunostimulatory properties of coffee mannans.
Coffee infusion mannans are acetylated polysaccharides containing single Galp and Araf residues as side chains of a beta-(1 --> 4)-Manp backbone. These mannans are structurally similar to theExpand
Structural and thermal characterization of galactomannans from non-conventional sources
Galactomannans of Gleditsia triacanthos, Caesalpinia pulcherrima and Adenanthera pavonina were structurally and thermally characterized. Methylation analyses confirmed that these three galactomannansExpand
Structural features of partially acetylated coffee galactomannans presenting immunostimulatory activity
Abstract The galactomannans purified from coffee infusions have been shown to present in vitro immunostimulatory activity on murine B- and T-lymphocytes. These properties have also been shownExpand
Evaluation of the effect of roasting on the structure of coffee galactomannans using model oligosaccharides.
The conclusion that transglycosylation and isomerization reactions occur during dry thermal processing of coffee galactomannans is made. Expand
Mass spectrometry characterization of an Aloe vera mannan presenting immunostimulatory activity.
The comparison with other galactomannans allowed to infer that lower branching, shorter chains, and higher acetylation seems to promote the immunostimulatory activity attributed to these polysaccharides. Expand
Thermal stability of spent coffee ground polysaccharides: galactomannans and arabinogalactans.
The roasting of galactomannans at 200 °C promoted their solubility in water upon alkali extraction and neutralisation and the formation of new glycosidic linkages, with occurrence of 2-, 6-, 2,3, 2,6-, 3,6, 3,4,6-linked mannose residues, and terminally-linked glucose residues, observed by methylation analysis. Expand
The histone H2A isoform Hist2h2ac is a novel regulator of proliferation and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in mammary epithelial and in breast cancer cells.
This is the first study that identifies a canonical histone isoform -Hist2h2ac-downstream of the EGFR pathway, regulating oncogenic signalling and thereby contributing to deregulation of target genes. Expand
Identification of anomeric configuration of underivatized reducing glucopyranosyl-glucose disaccharides by tandem mass spectrometry and multivariate analysis.
The possibility of discrimination of the anomeric configuration of underivatized reducing glucopyranosyl-glucose disaccharides, using a hybrid mass spectrometer Q-TOF 2, LIT, and QqQ was investigated, and discriminant analysis was performed. Expand
In vitro macrophage nitric oxide production by Pterospartum tridentatum (L.) Willk. inflorescence polysaccharides.
The treatment of pectic polysaccharides with endo-polygalacturonase showed that type-I and type-II arabinogalactans, as well as low molecular weight galacturonans and xyloglucans, may also contribute to macrophage NO production. Expand
Demonstration of the presence of acetylation and arabinose branching as structural features of locust bean gum galactomannans
Abstract Galactomannans from locust bean gum (LBG) are polysaccharides containing single Gal p residues as side chains in a β-(1 → 4)-Man p backbone. Nevertheless, sugars other than mannose andExpand