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This paper presents an approach that is able to provide the detection and location in time as well as the identification of power quality problems present in both transient and steady-stable signals. The method was developed by using the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) analysis. The given signal is decomposed through wavelet transform and any change on the(More)
We raise the problem of the minorities' survival in the presence of positive network externalities. We rely on the example of thematic clubs to illustrate why and in which circumstances such survival problems might appear, …rst considering the case of simple network externalities and then the case of cross network externalities. Sonnac and Skerdilajda Zanaj(More)
In this paper we account for the fact that Cournot equilibrium strategies in the sector under environmental regulation depend on …rms'interaction in the permits market (and vice versa). In this context, we show that the cost-e¤ective allocation of permits between …rms must compensate the cost-rising strategies exercised by the stronger …rm (in the output(More)
We model the structure and strategy of social interactions prevailing at any point in time as a directed network and we address the following open question in the theory of social and economic network formation: given the rules of network and coalition formation, preferences of individuals over networks, strategic behavior of coalitions in forming networks,(More)
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