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This paper presents a novel method for bioprocess hybrid parametric/nonparametric modelling based on mixture of experts (ME) and the expectation maximisation (EM) algorithm. The bioreactor system is described by material balance equations whereas the cell population subsystem is described by an adjustable mixture of parametric/nonparametric sub-models(More)
This paper addresses methods of knowledge engineering for chemical and biochemical process modelling and control. The concept of Knowledge Based Modular (KBM) Networks is presented. KBM networks represent a method of expressing and combining different types of knowledge, usually available for modelling chemical and biochemical processes: mechanistic,(More)
In the process analytical technology (PAT) initiative, the application of sensors technology and modeling methods is promoted. The emphasis is on Quality by Design, online monitoring, and closed-loop control with the general aim of building in product quality into manufacturing operations. As a result, online high-throughput process analyzers find(More)
This paper presents a method for the identification of nonlinear partial least square (NPLS) models embedded in macroscopic material balance equations with application to bioprocess modeling. The proposed model belongs to the class of hybrid models and consists of a NPLS submodel, which mimics the cellular system, coupled to a set of material balance(More)
This paper presents a method for modelling dynamical biochemical networks with intrinsic time delays. Since the fundamental mechanisms leading to such delays are many times unknown, non conventional modelling approaches become necessary. Herein, a hybrid semi-parametric identification methodology is proposed in which discrete time series are incorporated(More)
The Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) of dynamic models that are used in process monitoring, control or optimization, are not only functions of time and states, but also of measured variables. So far two possibilities for the numerical integration of such ODEs were given: (i) a fixed step size integration schema could be applied, matching the step size(More)
In this paper a novel methodology for biosystems dynamic modelling is presented in which discrete time series, namely AutoRegressive (eXogenous) models are incorporated in the traditional parametric/nonparametric hybrid modelling framework. This results in a set of Delay Differential Equations (DDE) which describe the material balances of a bioreactor(More)
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