Joana Mohr

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  • Diogo A Gomes, Joana Mohr, Rafael Rigão Souza
  • 2009
In this paper we study a mean field model for discrete time, finite number of states, dynamic games. These models arise in situations that involve a very large number of agents moving from state to state according to certain optimality criteria. The mean field approach for optimal control and differential games (continuous state and time) was introduced by(More)
Mean field games is a recent area of study introduced by Lions and Lasry in a series of seminal papers in 2006. Mean field games model situations of competition between large number of rational agents that play non-cooperative dynamic games under certain symmetry assumptions. A key step is to develop a mean field model, in a similar way to what is done in(More)
In this paper we investigate the asymptotic behavior of the semi-classical limit of Wigner measures defined on the tangent bundle of the one-dimensional torus. In particular we show the convergence of Wigner measures to the Mather measure on the tangent bundle, for energy levels above the minimum of the effective Hamiltonian. The Wigner measures µ h we(More)
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