Joana Mendonça

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We examine whether founders’ backgrounds influence new firm survival in the early years after start-up. We develop hypotheses linking founders’ backgrounds to pre-entry capabilities associated with entrepreneurial human capital, highlighting the cases of spin-offs and habitual entrepreneurs. The subject of unemployment-driven entrepreneurship is also(More)
This paper examines whether founders’ backgrounds influence new firm survival in the early years after startup, focusing, in particular, on the impact of unemployment-driven entrepreneurship. For entrepreneurs who left their previous employment to found a new firm, both general and specific human capital play a key role in enhancing early survival chances.(More)
Article history: Received 29 October 2012 Received in revised form 18 June 2013 Accepted 9 July 2013 Available online 14 August 2013 Science policies emphasizing the advanced qualification of human resources, together with democratizing access to science and internationalizing the science base, are shown to help build the conditions needed to drive brain(More)
Insights into the genomic adaptive traits of Treponema pallidum, the causative bacterium of syphilis, have long been hampered due to the absence of in vitro culture models and the constraints associated with its propagation in rabbits. Here, we have bypassed the culture bottleneck by means of a targeted strategy never applied to uncultivable bacterial human(More)
Background: We describe the investigation and control of an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in Portugal in October, November and December 2014. Methods: Confirmed cases were individuals with pneumonia, laboratory evidence of Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 and exposure, by residence, occupational or leisure to the affected municipalities. 49 possible(More)
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