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Clinical depression is frequently unrecognized, even in health care settings. This study (a) reports high levels of major depressive episodes (MDEs) and depressive symptoms in a public sector women's clinic, (b) compares computerized voice recognition with live interviews, and (c) compares Spanish and English versions of the depression-screening(More)
Emotions play an important role in social interactions and as such, they are critical in creating engaging and believable characters that users can interact with. Although there has been significant research on emotions, from a computational perspective, one area scarcely explored is the process of Emotional Contagion (EC). Emotional Contagion is the(More)
Agents that interact in complex social situations need to take the social context in consideration in order to perform believably. We argue that social identity is an important factor; therefore, agents should incorporate social identity theory in their behaviour, which implies the ability to categorize others (and themselves) into social groups. In(More)
It has been pointed that public goods games lack experimental research in topics such as the study of the interaction of groups versus the interaction of individuals and effects of social identity and decision framing. Furthermore, the number of computational frameworks proposed to date to deploy these type of experiments is reduced. In this context, we(More)
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