Joana Carvalho-Pereira

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Candida albicans cell wall is important for growth and interaction with the environment. RLM1 is one of the putative transcription factors involved in the cell wall integrity pathway, which plays an important role in the maintenance of the cell wall integrity. In this work we investigated the involvement of RLM1 in the cell wall biogenesis and in virulence.(More)
Herein we developed a method based on the quenching effect of propidium iodide over Sytox-Green fluorescence to assess yeast phagocytosis by flow cytometry. It allows accurate quantification of living from dead phagocytes; internalized from non-internalized cells, maintaining yeast fluorescence within phagocytes; and the different associations between(More)
The secreted aspartic proteases (Saps) are among the most studied virulence determinants in Candida albicans. These proteins are translated as pre-pro-enzymes consisting of a signal sequence followed by a propeptide and the mature enzyme. The propeptides of secreted proteinases are important for the correct processing, folding/secretion of the mature(More)
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