Joan Watters

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The role of ultrasound as a screening test for choledocholithiasis was prospectively assessed by comparing the results of upper abdominal ultrasound with direct cholangiography in 59 unselected symptomatic postcholecystectomy patients. Ultrasound detected duct stones in 13 of 29 patients (sensitivity, 45%) and their absence in 29 of 30 (specificity, 97%). A(More)
The absorption of oral methotrexate in syrup form has been compared in six patients with that of an identical IV dose (50 mg/m2). There was variable absorption amongst the group with respect to maximum levels achieved and the time taken to reach those levels. The area under the time-concentration curve was always smaller when the drug was given orally than(More)
Eighty unpremedicated patients undergoing day-case hand surgery under intravenous regional anaesthesia were randomly allocated to receive, in a double-blind study, either 40 ml 0.75% prilocaine hydrochloride, with 5 ml 8.4% sodium bicarbonate or 5 ml 0.9% saline. The alkalinised group had significantly less pain on injection (p = 0.0045), during surgery (p(More)
Cerebellar hypoplasia is a prominent feature of fetal brain pathology. The lesion is rarely isolated or asymmetric. Various aetiological factors have been proposed. The frequency of cerebellar hypoplasia as a congenital defect in humans is unknown. A single case is described of unilateral cerebellar hypoplasia with intact vermis that was detected on(More)
A prospective evaluation was performed to assess the efficacy and ease of use of a novel self-sheathing intravenous cannula with needle protection device (Safelon). Use of the device did not require significant change to the normal cannulation technique. Blood splashes during insertion and the risk of needle-stick injury were reduced.
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