Joan Torregrosa

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A comparative study is made of 12 methods of chemical oxidation applied to degrading p-hydroxybenzoic acid in aqueous solution. The oxidation processes tested were: UV, O3, UV/TiO2, O3/Fe2+, O3/H2O2, O3/UV, UV/H2O2, H2O2/Fe2+, H2O2/Fe2+/O3, UV/H2O2/O3, H2O2/Fe2+/UV and O3/UV/H2O2/Fe2+. The 12 processes were ranked by reactivity. In a kinetic study, the(More)
The degradation of olive mill wastewater by aerobic microorganisms has been investigated in a batch reactor, by conducting experiments where the initial concentration of organic matter, quantified by the chemical oxygen demand, and the initial biomass were varied. The evolution of the chemical oxygen demand, biomass and the total contents of phenolic and(More)
Degradation of olive mill wastewater (OMW) by means of two chemical oxidation processes (Fenton's reagent and ozonation) and their consecutive treatments with aerobic microorganisms have been studied. Fenton's reagent treatment moderately reduces COD and to a greater extent the polyphenolic compounds. Ozonation contributed to low conversion of COD and(More)
The degradation of wine distillery wastewaters by aerobic biological treatment has been investigated in a batch reactor. The evolution of the chemical oxygen demand, biomass and total contents of polyphenolic and aromatic compounds was followed through each experiment. According to the Contois model, a kinetic expression for the substrate utilization rate(More)
The kinetics of the ozonation of three phenolic acids is investigated from ozone absorption experiments in a semi-continuous reactor. After the evaluation of stoichiometric ratios for the individual reactions between ozone and each phenolic acid, the oxidation of p-hydroxybenzoic acid by ozone is performed in a first stage. The influence of the operating(More)
Let / : M —» M be a C1 map on a C1 differentiate manifold. The map f is called transversal if for all m £ N the graph of fm intersects transversally the diagonal of M x M at each point (x, x) such that x is a fixed point of fm. We study the set of periods of / by using the Lefschetz numbers for periodic points. We focus our study on transversal maps defined(More)
A kinetic model is developed for the oxidation of phenolic compounds by Fenton's reagent. In the first stage a rigorous kinetic model is applied to calculate the different kinetic rate constants for the oxidation process of p-hydroxybenzoic acid. In a second phase a competitive method is applied to calculate these kinetic constants for another 10 phenolic(More)