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We present a prototype of an augmented sandbox where the sand is used to create a miniature living world, designed as an ambient display for contemplation and self-reflection. The landscape can be reshaped at any time. Once the sand is left still for a moment, the world starts evolving -- vegetation grows, water flows and creatures move around -- according(More)
Spatial augmented reality and tangible interaction enrich the standard computer I/O space. Systems based on such modalities offer new user experiences and open up interesting perspectives in various fields. On the other hand, such systems tend to live outside the standard desktop paradigm and, as a consequence, they do not benefit from the richness and(More)
Digital technology has been completely integrated into our daily lives, yet the potential of technology to improve its users' life satisfaction is still largely untapped. Mindfulness, the act of paying a deliberate and non-judgmental attention to the present moment, has been shown to have a positive impact on a person's health and subjective(More)
Figure 1: (Left) Tobe is a toolkit enabling the creation of tangible augmented customized bio-and neurofeedback. Here, two users are relaxing together by using Tobe to reach cardiac coherence. (Middle) Teegi is an augmented tangible avatar that displays the user's brain activity in real time. (Right) Inner Garden is an augmented sandbox, linked to the(More)
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