Joan Sentís

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BACKGROUND Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent joint disease and a frequent cause of joint pain, functional loss, and disability. Osteoarthritis often becomes chronic, and conventional treatments have demonstrated only modest clinical benefits without lesion reversal. Cell-based therapies have shown encouraging results in both animal studies and a few(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the prevalence of symptoms of eating disorders and risk eating behaviours and the relationship between life at a dance school and the risk of developing an eating disorder (ED) in an adolescent population of Spanish dance students. METHODS Questionnaires were used to assess attitudes to eating, cultural influences on the body shape(More)
enough room for graft implantation or during closing the incision when one improper stitch can tear the peritoneum leading to a defect. Careful dissection should be performed in all cases, and if a peritoneal defect is found, it should be closed regardless of its size to avoid the occurrence of a PH. All in all, PH is a relatively uncommon but potentially(More)
To compare the prevalence of eating disorders (ED), socio-cultural risk factors, and body image characteristics in two populations of female adolescents, one Mexican and one Spanish, from similar socio-economic backgrounds. A total of 467 Spanish and 329 Mexican girls aged from 11–12 to 17–18 years were assessed using the Eating Attitude Test-26 (EAT-26),(More)
The costs and benefits of vaccinating a theoretical cohort of 1000 preschool and school age children (3-14 years) with one dose of inactivated virosomal subunit influenza vaccine in primary health care centers of the Catalan Health Service during the fall annual health examination were compared with the current strategy of no routine vaccination. The(More)
AIM To assess the prevalence and progression/regression of gingival recession in a population sample with a high standard of oral hygiene and broad knowledge of the role of traumatic tooth brushing in the aetiology of gingival recession. MATERIAL & METHODS Forty dental students in their final year at Dental School were examined for gingival recession in(More)
The ecological association of infant mortality rate (IM) with per capita income (PI) and prevalence of adult illiteracy (AI) has been studied using countries as the unit of analysis. A negative association between IM and PI in 1960 and 1982 has been observed (sample correlation coefficient [r] = -.625 and r = -.729, respectively; P less than .05). A(More)
The results of the multiple regression and correlation analysis between perinatal mortality and social and health care variables in Spanish provinces between 1975 and 1979 are presented. Although the perinatal mortality rates of Spanish provinces correlate significantly with a series of socioeconomic variables (family income available per capita, percentage(More)
Specific factors which have an influence on the average length of stay in the otolaryngology unit of a University Hospital are studied; the patients are covered by some type of insurance and have no out-of-pocket expenses. The effect of the following variables on the average length of stay is evaluated: age, sex and type of pathology. The periods of(More)