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BACKGROUND Low back injuries are common and costly, accounting for 15 to 25 percent of injuries covered by workers' compensation and 30 to 40 percent of the payments made under that program. The high costs of injury, the lack of effective treatment. and the evidence that there are behavioral risk factors have led to widespread use of employee education(More)
We present a prospective, controlled study of the association between preemployment drug screening results and employment outcomes in 2537 postal employees. For identified marijuana users, relative risk for turnover was 1.56 (95% confidence interval [Cl], 1.17 to 2.08); accidents, 1.55 (95% Cl, 1.16 to 2.08); injuries, 1.85 (95% Cl, 1.30 to 2.64); and(More)
An educational program designed to reduce low back injuries was modeled after several well-known back schools and taught to postal workers in a randomized trial of about 4,000 workers. Physical therapists taught 3 hours of class sessions, including knowledge, skills, and individual work station assessment, to small groups of workers and supervisors, with(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have indicated that cigarette smokers have more occupational accidents and injuries and use more sick time and health benefits than nonsmokers, thereby producing sizeable costs for employers. However, they usually have not controlled for other possible sources of these costs. We analyzed occupational costs associated with smoking while(More)
Data were collected on 228 consecutive back injuries in Boston's General Mail Facility and 228 non-injured controls drawn randomly from each case's work unit, matching on craft (clerk, mailhandler, maintenance), shift, and general supervisor. Data were collected on age, gender, duration of employment, 3 year history of injury claims, overtime work in the(More)
BACKGROUND Gengraf capsule, an AB-rated generic cyclosporine for Neoral, has been shown to be bioequivalent in previous studies. The purpose of this pharmacokinetic study performed in stable renal transplant recipients was to evaluate interchangeability of Gengraf and Neoral. METHODS Using an open-label, three-period design, 50 renal transplant recipients(More)
Deciding to test applicants for employment for drugs raises complex, legal, moral, economic, and technical issues. However, we focus here on three epidemiologic issues germane to this decision. In one industry, the United States Postal Service, two recent studies suggest associations between positive preemployment drug screens and turnover, absenteeism,(More)
We have reported that cigarette smoking at the time of hire is associated with elevated rates of accidents, injuries, absence, discipline, and firing among US postal workers. We followed this cohort of 2537 for a second year to assess whether these associations would change with time in a workplace with active smoking cessation programs. Smokers' elevated(More)