Joan Rull-Duran

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This paper presents a review of some techniques for islanding detection, especially by using inverter based DG applications and it also focuses on several islanding detection methods for a single-phase current-control voltage inverter working with a PV system connected into the grid. It is deliberated a single-phase inverter with maximum power of 5 kW.(More)
This paper studies the impact of system frequency deviations on the operation of fixed speed induction generators used in wind turbine generation systems (WTGS). It presents an analytic method to predict the angular speed, torque and current during and after a frequency disturbance. The proposed method can be used to evaluate the operation limits of the(More)
Urban DC railway substations are growing in size due increasing capacity demand. Several challenges associated with the increase of power demand can be met using power electronics. The proposed system is based on DC-autotransformers and active rectifiers working similarly to those in 3-wire AC railway electrification system. Conventional simulation software(More)
The present paper addresses the control of a piezoelectric actuator considering its hysteresis. Hysteresis is represented using the Bouc-Wen model. A time-varying PID controller is designed for micropositionning purpose. The controller is evaluated using numerical simulations based on experimental data obtained from a piezoelectric actuator.
This paper shows a new point of view of the classical voltage space vectors and its implications on three and four-leg converters. It is easy to find in the literature, authors using bi-dimensional and three-dimensional representations of the converter states. Nonetheless, the literature rarely specifies what these spaces represent. Therefore, this paper(More)
Lightning is considered one of the main causes of faults in overhead distribution networks. Direct strokes usually lead to flashovers due to the insulation levels that are used. Induced overvoltages caused by indirect lightning are usually lower and can be efficiently reduced by metal­oxide surge arresters. Hence, its associated flashover(More)
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