Joan Rocabert

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—In photovoltaic (PV) power systems where a set of series-connected PV arrays (PVAs) is connected to a conventional two-level inverter, the occurrence of partial shades and/or the mismatching of PVAs leads to a reduction of the power generated from its potential maximum. To overcome these problems, the connection of the PVAs to a multilevel diode-clamped(More)
—This paper presents a closed-loop control scheme for the three-level three-phase neutral-point-clamped dc–ac converter using the optimized nearest three virtual-space-vector pulsewidth modulation, which is a modulation that produces low output-voltage distortion with a significant reduction of the dc-link capac-itance. A new specific loop modifying the(More)
Recent contributions in pulse width modulations (PWM) for multilevel diode-clamped converters enable the use of these converters with passive front-ends, any number of levels, and small dc-link capacitors. Highly compact converters designs based on these topologies can be envisioned. However, the design of the gate-driver power-supply for the multiple(More)
—This paper introduces a new single-phase multilevel inverter with HF isolation and bi-directional power flow capability. The advantage is to provide compact HF isolation, without an additional dc-stage and with lower harmonic distortion in the load. Typical applications of this converter are: photovoltaic systems, fuel cell systems and small wind power(More)
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