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An outbreak of encephalitis due to West Nile (WN) virus occurred in New York City and the surrounding areas during 1999. Mosquitoes were collected as part of a comprehensive surveillance program implemented to monitor the outbreak. More than 32,000 mosquitoes representing 24 species were tested, and 15 WN virus isolates were obtained. Molecular techniques(More)
West Nile (WN) virus was detected in the metropolitan New York City (NYC) area during the summer and fall of 1999. Sixty-two human cases, 7 fatal, were documented. The New York State Department of Health initiated a departmental effort to implement a statewide mosquito and virus surveillance system. During the 2000 arbovirus surveillance season, we(More)
Amphibian chytridiomycosis, caused by the chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd), is an emerging infectious disease that widely threatens amphibian biodiversity. However, population-level outcomes following the introduction of the pathogen are highly context dependent and are mediated by a broad suite of biotic and abiotic variables. Here, we(More)
The LLDFT rules used in this work allow to avoid some hard to detect faults or even undetectable faults on a cell library by modifying the cell layout whithout changing their behaviour and achieving a good level of reliability. These rules avoid some open faults or reduce their appearance probability. The main purpose has been to apply that set of LLBFT(More)
14" Methods to mitigate the impacts of emerging infectious diseases affecting wildlife are 15" urgently needed to combat loss of biodiversity. However, the successful mitigation of wildlife 16" pathogens in situ has rarely occurred. Indeed, most strategies for combating wildlife diseases 17" remain theoretical, despite the wealth of information available(More)
Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration (DPR) allows modification of certain parts of an FPGA while the rest of the device continues to operate and remains unaffected by the partial reprogramming. DPR for FPGA-based designs is an increasingly important feature in many systems that must adapt quickly to changing run-time requirements. Particularly in aerospace(More)