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High-speed video recordings of natural lightning flashes show amazing details of this phenomenon. The paper summarizes the results of the 2009 measurement campaign where the combination of electric fields, total lightning, high-energy detections and high-speed videos provided a valuable data. The paper describes the visible differences between the recorded(More)
A new subject on lightning protection of aircraft has been developed at the Technical University of Catalonia. This elective subject is implemented according to project-based learning (PBL). In this way, during the subject, students face up to a design and validation of a lightning protection system of an aircraft.
Lightning research is usually focused on the most active months of the year, those corresponding to the summer season. These thunderstorms produce most of the lightning records during a year in the Basque Country, and they are recorded for further research. In this paper winter lightning is under study. After the dramatic descent in the number of strokes(More)
This paper presents simulations of a downward negative leaders performed by means of 3D finite element method (FEM). The leaders are considered do progress vertically leaders in which different charge distributions and leader speeds can be adjusted. The output of the model is the electric field at ground level for different leader heights and time. By(More)
Detections of high energy particles in a high voltage laboratory during the application of lightning impulse voltages of both polarities with a rod-rod configuration has been developed. The detections of high energy radiation in the spark disagree with conventional electrical breakdown mechanism. The high electric fields during the ionization process could(More)
This paper presents some observation results of the attachment test of a wind turbine blade as described in the upgrade of the IEC-61400-24. The optical observations were performed by means of high-speed video and UV-sensitive photo camera. This study investigates the effects on the leaders emerging from the blade comparing three different air-terminals:(More)
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