Joan-Miquel Canals

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This study evaluates the application of an anoxic side-stream reactor in the sludge return line of a conventional activated sludge system for the reduction of biomass production. The oxidation-reduction potential was maintained at -150 mV while the applied sludge loading rate was modified by changing the percentage of return sludge treated in this reactor.(More)
The behavior of abducens nucleus motoneurons and internuclear neurons was recorded during eye fixation in the alert cat. The interspike interval (ISI) values during a given fixation followed a normal distribution, with coefficients of variation for motoneurons and interneurons ranging from 4.6 to 16% and 5.7 to 21.7%, respectively. The ISI mean was linearly(More)
In a host-range study carried out under greenhouse conditions, a total of 37 commercial fruit tree, grape, and citrus rootstocks were tested for their reaction to a population of the lesion nematode, Pratylenchus vulnus, in Spain. Twenty-five rootstocks had a Pf/Pi > 1.5. These included almond (Desmayo Rojo, 1143), apple (EM-9, EM-106), avocado (Hass),(More)
Astringency is an important sensory attribute of red wine. It is usually estimated by tasting and is subject to a certain subjectivity. It can also be estimated by using the gelatin index. This procedure is not very reproducible because there are many gelatins on the market with a heterogeneous composition. Furthermore, the gelatin index determines(More)
Integrated processes to reduce in situ the sludge production in wastewater treatment plants are gaining attention in order to facilitate excess sludge management. In contrast to post-treatments, such as anaerobic digestion which is placed between the activated sludge system and dewatering processes, integrated technologies are placed in the sludge return(More)
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