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The first photosynthetic N2-fixing Rhizobium: characteristics.
Biological N2 fixation requires large amounts of energy based on either in vitro biochemical studies of nitrogenase or in vivo studies of root nodulated legume plants. For example, calorimetricExpand
Light-stimulated 14CO2 uptake and acetylene reduction by bacteriochlorophyll containing stem nodule isolate BTAi 1
SummaryBradyrhizobial strain BTAi 1 nodulates both stems and roots of Aeschynomene spp. Previous work has shown that it contains bacteriochlorophyll a and forms photosynthetic reaction centers, andExpand
Photosynthetic N 2 -fixing Rhizobia
An isolate from a stem nodule on the legume Aeschynomene indica, rhizobial strain BTAi 1, is pink when cultured in the light with a photo-period of 16 h. The absorption spectra of whole and extractedExpand
Planting sustainable ideas
Cumbrian school children started the school year learning about different eco-systems and plant life thanks to the new Mike Wilde Eco Centre at Cockermouth School. Joan Ellis discusses how they areExpand