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OBJECTIVE To determine prevalence of radiographic evidence of osteoarthritis in 4 diarthrodial joints of dogs with restricted feed intake, compared with dogs without restricted feed intake. DESIGN Paired feeding study. ANIMALS 48 Labrador Retrievers. PROCEDURE Dogs in litters from 7 dams and 2 sires were paired by sex and weight within litters and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of 25% diet restriction on life span of dogs and on markers of aging. DESIGN Paired feeding study. ANIMALS 48 Labrador Retrievers. PROCEDURES Dogs were paired, and 1 dog in each pair was fed 25% less food than its pair-mate from 8 weeks of age until death. Serum biochemical analyses were performed, body condition was(More)
Information on crop genotype- and phenotype-metabolite associations can be of value to trait development as well as to food security and safety. The unique study presented here assessed seed metabolomic and ionomic diversity in a soybean lineage representing ~35 years of breeding (launch years 1972–2008) and increasing yield potential. Selected varieties(More)
Over the last decade, unusually high losses of colonies have been reported by beekeepers across the USA. Multiple factors such as Varroa destructor, bee viruses, Nosema ceranae, weather, beekeeping practices, nutrition, and pesticides have been shown to contribute to colony losses. Here we describe a large-scale controlled trial, in which different bee(More)
Effects of lifetime food restriction on erythrocytes and numerous clinical chemistry, thyroid, parathyroid, and acid-base variables are reported from a paired-feeding study of 25% diet restriction in dogs. The 48 dogs were paired by gender and weaning weight within litter, and 1 dog in each pair was fed 25% less than its pair mate, from age 8 weeks until(More)
We have measured the mass of the 2 boson to be 91.11 f0.23 GeV/c2, and its width-' .-to be 1.61~~.~~ GeV. If we constrain the visible width to its Standard Model value, we find the partial width to invisible decay modes to be 0.62 f 0.23 GeV, corresponding to 3.8 f 1.4 neutrino species. c-. We present measurements by the Mark II detector at the SLAC Linear(More)
We have measured for the first time in one detectorathe complete decay angular distribution on Y* + An, A + pr-in the two line-reversed reactions: n+p + K+Y*(1385) and K-p-t a-Y*(1385). Our experiment was conducted in the SLAC 1 m rapid cycling bubble chamber (15 Hertz) triggered by electronic detectors and an online algorithm. The Extended Maximum(More)
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