Joan Lindberg

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We report here on in vitro and in vivo experiments that are intended to explore the feasibility of photoacoustic spectroscopy as a tool for the noninvasive measurement of blood glucose. The in vivo results from oral glucose tests on eight subjects showed good correlation with clinical measurements but indicated that physiological factors and(More)
A time-resolved photoacoustic technique has been applied to the study of dissolved and dispersed absorbers in aqueous systems. The temporal pressure profiles generated from colloidal graphite and glucose solutions were measured, and it was found that the amplitude of the photoacoustic signal of both the glucose and the colloidal graphite solutions increase(More)
In this study we validated marking offspring through peritoneal injection of ripe females using two concentrations of strontium (strontium chloride hexahydrate). Larvae from treatments were monitored for condition morphometrics and tested for chemical mark incorporation in their otoliths via laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry(More)
Understanding how environmental factors influence first feeding success is critical for the conservation-oriented larval culture of delta smelt Hypomesus transpacificus, a threatened osmerid endemic to the San Francisco Estuary. We investigated the effects of light intensity, alga concentration, and prey (rotifer) density on feeding of cultured delta smelt(More)
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