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BACKGROUND Standard chemotherapy for newly diagnosed ovarian cancer is a platinum-taxane combination. The Gynecologic Oncology Group conducted a randomized, phase 3 trial that compared intravenous paclitaxel plus cisplatin with intravenous paclitaxel plus intraperitoneal cisplatin and paclitaxel in patients with stage III ovarian cancer. METHODS We(More)
Discrete choice methods model a decision-maker's choice among a set of mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive alternatives. They are used in a variety of disciplines (transportation, economics, psychology, public policy, etc.) in order to inform policy and marketing decisions and to better understand and test hypotheses of behavior. This(More)
BACKGROUND Bulky stage IB cervical cancers have a poorer prognosis than smaller stage I cervical cancers. For the Gynecologic Oncology Group, we conducted a trial to determine whether weekly infusions of cisplatin during radiotherapy improve progression-free and overall survival among patients with bulky stage IB cervical cancer. METHODS Women with bulky(More)
PURPOSE The objective was to compare laparoscopy versus laparotomy for comprehensive surgical staging of uterine cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with clinical stage I to IIA uterine cancer were randomly assigned to laparoscopy (n = 1,696) or open laparotomy (n = 920), including hysterectomy, salpingo-oophorectomy, pelvic cytology, and pelvic and(More)
OBJECTIVE To give insight into the utility of laparoscopic staging of endometrial cancer in the elderly population by reviewing the surgical management of clinically stage I endometrial cancer patients. METHODS A retrospective analysis evaluating patients that were > or =65 years old and had planned laparoscopic staging, traditional staging via a(More)
Human papillomavirus (HPV) cofactors for cervical cancer include smoking, multiparity, and oral contraceptive use, but their mechanisms of action are not fully understood. It is also unknown whether cofactors vary by HPV genotypes. The Study to Understand Cervical Cancer Early Endpoints and Determinants (SUCCEED) is a cross-sectional study comprising women(More)
A major aspect of transportation planning is understanding behavior: how to predict it and how to influence it over the long term. Behavioral models in transportation are predominantly rooted in the classic microeconomic paradigm of rationality. However, there is a long history in behavioral economics of raising serious questions about rationality.(More)
PURPOSE The study's objective was to compare the quality of life (QoL) of patients with endometrial cancer undergoing surgical staging via laparoscopy versus laparotomy. PATIENTS AND METHODS The first 802 eligible patients (laparoscopy, n = 535; laparotomy, n = 267) participated in the QoL study in a Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG) randomized trial of(More)