Joan L Ritchie

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BACKGROUND The beta(2-)integrin CD11b (Mac-1) plays a crucial role in the firm attachment of leucocytes to the endothelium during the inflammatory response. OBJECTIVE This study aimed to determine whether the increased incidence of infections witnessed in elderly individuals compared to their younger counterparts was associated with deficiencies in basal(More)
P-selectin is an adhesion molecule found in the alpha granules of platelets. Activation occurs in response to a range of inflammatory and thrombotic agents resulting in rapid up-regulation. Flow cytometry methods have recently been described for the analysis of platelet P-selectin expression in whole blood. While introducing these methods into our(More)
Inhibiting platelet and endothelial nitric oxide production favours platelet adhesion and aggregation, and arterial vasoconstriction. This study investigated the effect of NG-nitro-l-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME), a stereospecific inhibitor of nitric oxide synthesis, on P-selectin expression on platelets, platelet-derived microparticles and(More)
Small differences in levels of certain haemostatic components may be clinically significant. It is important therefore to eliminate potential sources of confounding variability. This study investigated the effect of removing tourniquet pressure prior to sample collection on plasma fibrinogen levels, platelet P-selectin and monocyte tissue factor expression.(More)
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