Joan L. G. Baart

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Two commercially available systems for the determination of selenium by hydride-generation and atomic-absorption spectrometry were compared. Chemical and physical parameters were optimized both for an electrothermally heated closed atom-cell method and a flame-heated open-cell technique. Both systems were evaluated with respect to performance and(More)
In this paper we discuss an algorithm for the assignment of pitch accent positions in text-to-speech conversion. The algorithm is closely modeled on current linoulstic accounts of accent placement, and assumes a surface syntactic analysis of the input. It comprises a small number of heuristic rules for determining which phrases of a sentence are to be(More)
It has been observed that tonal phenomena occur in quite a few Indo-Aryan languages in the northwestern corner of the South-Asian subcontinent. This paper presents a study of the tone system of one of these languages, Kalam Kohistani. After establishing that Kalam Kohistani has five contrastive surface tones—a high tone, a low tone, a rising tone, and two(More)
Because of the intimate relationship between the upper dentition and the maxillary sinus, it is no surprise that inflammatory, cystic and neoplastic odontogenic diseases may extend into the maxillary sinus and, occasionally, into the nasal cavity. On the other hand, diseases of the maxillary sinus may extend into the oral cavity or may cause symptoms that(More)
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