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The purpose of this study was to improve the prediction of the quantity and type of Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA) produced from fermented substrate in the rumen of lactating cows. A model was formulated that describes the conversion of substrate (soluble carbohydrates, starch, hemi-cellulose, cellulose, and protein) into VFA (acetate, propionate, butyrate, and(More)
Structured population models are increasingly used in decision making, but typically have many entries that are unknown or highly uncertain. We present an approach for the systematic analysis of the effect of uncertainties on long-term population growth or decay. Many decisions for threatened and endangered species are made with poor or no information. We(More)
  • References, K Ahrendt, +31 authors Tyre
  • 2013
Laplace transforms for the nabla-difference operator and a fractional variation of parameters formula, Communications in Applied Math., accepted and to appear. Nonlinear diffusion models with peridynamic-type nonlocality, in progress. Steady state models for nonlocal heat conduction in peridynamics, in progress. Robust population management under(More)
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