Joan Gene-Badia

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OBJECTIVE To identify, from a systematic review of the literature, the attributes of Family Medicine (FM) that influence the primary health care outcome as measured by users' satisfaction, improvement in patient health and in costs. DATA SOURCES Literature search of Medline and the Cochrane library using MeSH terms 'Primary Health' or 'Family Practice' or(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Although its incidence is low, cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of morbidity and mortality in Spain. A number of different algorithms can be used to calculate cardiovascular disease risk for primary prevention, but their ability to identify patients who will experience a cardiovascular event is not well understood.(More)
Information and communication technologies (ICTs) provide new opportunities to complement traditional care while enhancing patient autonomy. With the objective to supplement patient care, a group of health professionals at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona created Forumclínic, an online networking website in Spanish and Catalan. In 2008, seven web- and(More)
On February of 2007, forumclinic ( was launched. This free, first of its kind, collection of Evidence-Based Medicine chronic disease monograph resources, is targeted for Spanish and Catalan-speaking patients. Information is available both online (i.e., forums) and offline (i.e., DVDs) and is culturally sensitive to the target population.(More)
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