Joan Gene-Badia

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BACKGROUND To assess the reliability and accuracy of the Framingham coronary heart disease (CHD) risk function adapted by the Registre Gironí del Cor (REGICOR) investigators in Spain. METHODS A 5-year follow-up study was completed in 5732 participants aged 35-74 years. The adaptation consisted of using in the function the average population risk factor(More)
The purpose of this paper is to convey the specific health care actions and policies undertaken by the Spanish government, as well as by regional governments, as a result of the economic crisis. Throughout the last two years we have witnessed a number of actions in areas such as human capital, activity and processes, outsourcing and investment that, poorly(More)
BACKGROUND Health organisations continually seek good output indicators of family medicine health care provision because they are accountable to society, they need to compare services, and need to evaluate the impact of organisational reforms. OBJECTIVES Using the sources of information routinely available in health-service management, we sought to assess(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify, from a systematic review of the literature, the attributes of Family Medicine (FM) that influence the primary health care outcome as measured by users' satisfaction, improvement in patient health and in costs. DATA SOURCES Literature search of Medline and the Cochrane library using MeSH terms 'Primary Health' or 'Family Practice' or(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Although its incidence is low, cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of morbidity and mortality in Spain. A number of different algorithms can be used to calculate cardiovascular disease risk for primary prevention, but their ability to identify patients who will experience a cardiovascular event is not well understood.(More)
BACKGROUND A new economic incentive scheme based on (i) quality of care objectives for physicians, and (ii) professional development for both physicians and nurses, was introduced in primary care teams. OBJECTIVE To assess weather the implementation of these economic incentive schemes has had an impact on the quality of professional life (QPL) of both(More)
BACKGROUND Primary care teams are facing an increased need to develop quality programmes at local level. GPs must lead this process and promote a positive organizational culture if they want to achieve and maintain a continuous improvement of the service. OBJECTIVE The aim of the present study was to test the applicability and reliability of the European(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify the characteristics of the primary health-care (PHC) team's structure and of the assigned population affecting service quality dimensions, and to check whether the PHC team's performance varies when assessing the service quality using crude values or those adjusted by the structural factors that affect it. RESEARCH DESIGN(More)
A case-control study was carried out on 107 benzodiazepine users and 214 controls not treated with anxiolytic-hypnotic agents, chosen randomly and matched two to one for each case by age, sex and family doctor. The users presented a higher degree of psychic disorder than the controls, with depression, interpersonal sensitivity, and the total number of(More)