Joan E. Gerriets

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Rat alveolar macrophages were exposed to silica dust (quartz) suspended in culture medium (SiO2, dry particle size less than 5 microns in diameter) and fluctuation in their cytosolic free calcium content ([Ca2+]i) was detected in cell monolayers with a fluorescent calcium probe (Indo-1AM). Cytosolic free calcium content was correlated with lactate(More)
Bleomycin is an antineoplastic agent that causes a dose-related lung fibrosis that limits its therapeutic effectiveness. It has been proposed that the cellular toxicity and antitumor effects of bleomycin occur by formation of O2-Fe(II)-bleomycin complexes that degrade DNA and release O2- and OH radicals that attack other cellular components. Twice daily(More)
This study was designed to investigate whether the changes in lysine hydroxylation known to occur in hypertrophic tendon occur randomly or at specific lysine residues in the type I collagen molecule. Peptides corresponding to the two known major cross-linking sites of type I collagen (a lysine (or hydroxylysine) at position 9N cross-linked to a(More)
Twenty-four infant rhesus monkeys (30 days old) were exposed to 11 episodes of filtered air (FA), house dust mite allergen aerosol (HDMA), ozone (O3), or HDMA + O3 (5 days each followed by 9 days of FA). Ozone was delivered for 8 h/day at 0.5 ppm. Twelve of the monkeys were sensitized to house dust mite allergen (Dermatophagoides farinae) at ages 14 and 28(More)
A hitherto unexpected synergism between the oxidant air pollutants ozone or nitrogen dioxide and a respirable-sized aerosol of ammonium sulfate was observed during controlled exposures of rats to these substances. Response of rat lungs to these pollutants was quantitated by measurement of apparent collagen synthesis rates in vitro by lung minces from(More)
Rats were intratracheally instilled with bleomycin or with silica (quartz) dust to induce lung fibrosis. Several weeks later, purified collagen chains (or collagen digests) were isolated from the lungs of these animals and from age-matched controls instilled intratracheally with saline solution, and the ratios of hydroxylysine to lysine and of the(More)
The effects of vitamin B-6 deficiency and ozone exposure on selected features of connective tissue metabolism in lung were investigated in groups of weanling male rats fed one of three diets: B-6-supplemented, fed ad lib; B-6-deficient, fed ad lib; or B-6-supplemented, restricted to the food intake of deficient rats for 5 weeks. Also, perinatal rat pups(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of chronic environmental aeroallergen exposure on the immune system and airways has not been experimentally defined in very young children. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine the immunophenotype of peripheral blood and airway leucocytes in the newborn rhesus macaque monkey, following recurrent aerosol exposure to(More)