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In this paper we present a new 128-bit block cipher called Square. The original design of Square concentrates on the resistance against diierential and linear cryptanalysis. However, after the initial design a dedicated attack was mounted that forced us to augment the number of rounds. The goal of this paper is the publication of the resulting cipher for(More)
This paper proposes a novel construction, called duplex, closely related to the sponge construction, that accepts message blocks to be hashed and—at no extra cost—provides digests on the input blocks received so far. It can be proven equivalent to a cascade of sponge functions and hence inherits its security against single-stage generic aaacks. The main(More)
Large classes of weak keys have been found for the block cipher algorithm IDEA, previously known as IPES ?]. IDEA has a 128-bit key and encrypts blocks of 64 bits. For a class of 2 23 keys IDEA exhibits a linear factor. For a certain class of 2 35 keys the cipher has a global characteristic with probability 1. For another class of 2 51 keys only two(More)
We present new a MAC function based on Rijndael that is a factor 2.5 more efficient than CBC-MAC with Rijndael, while providing a comparable claimed security level. This MAC function has the Alred construction [5] and can be seen as an optimized version of Alpha-MAC introduced in the same paper.