Joan D. Hauser

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Genetic distances (GDs) based on molecular markers are important parameters for identifying essentially derived varieties (EDVs). In this context information about the variability of molecular markers within maize inbred lines is essential. Our objectives were to (1) determine the variation in the size of simple sequence repeat (SSR) fragments among(More)
There are many conflicting results concerning the effects of age and Alzheimer's disease (AD) on word-stem completion priming. To examine potential sources of this variability, the authors examined the influences on such priming of age, cognitive status, and encoding in a large sample of young, old, and AD individuals. At study, words were processed aloud(More)
The origin of ADHD is multifactorial and both the aetiology and pathophysiology of ADHD are as yet incompletely understood. The monoamine deficit hypothesis of ADHD postulates a dysbalance in the interaction of the neurotransmitters dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin. Pathophysiological mechanisms involved in ADHD include alterations in fronto-striatal(More)
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