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It is widely believed that B2B e-commerce will help firms in developing countries to reduce cost and to improve their access to global market. Yet, developing countries are still some way from success in their adoption of B2B e-commerce. This paper explores social and cultural perspectives that impact on B2B e-commerce adoption in developing countries.(More)
Introduction Since the commercialisation of the Internet in the early 1990's, its use has grown exponentially. Exact usage figures for Internet usage are impossible to obtain, but suggestions that around 40 million people use the Internet each day can be found in a variety of sources (see, for example, Hobbes' Internet Timeline). One of the most popular(More)
The information-intensive nature of the tourism and travel industry suggests an important role for Web technology in the promotion and marketing of tourist destinations. With reports of travel purchases and reservations being one of the fastest growing segments of the Internet community (eMarketer, 2002), it is no surprise that the number of tourism(More)
The authors draw on their experience of finding simulation exercises to be an exciting method of relating nursing theory to practice. They describe a classification system in terms of elements inherent in simulations: the levels of complexity, interactions, control and reality and discuss aspects of simulation from the viewpoint of scenario organisers.