Joan Colomer-Llinas

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There are plenty of methods proposed for analog electronic circuit diagnosis, but the most popular ones are the fault dictionary techniques. Admitting more cases in a fault dictionary can be seen as a natural development towards a CBR system. The proposal of this paper is to extend the fault dictionary towards a Case Based Reasoning system. The case base(More)
There have been some Artificial Intelligence applications developed for electronic circuits diagnosis, but much remains to be done in this field, above all in the analog domain. The purpose of this paper is not to give a general solution, but to contribute with a new methodology. Our aim is to develop a methodology for analog circuit diagnosis based on(More)
The paper focuses on the development of a classification strategy to identify critic situation in batch process control. Data acquired from a batch execution is reduced by means of multiway principal component analysis in order to be assessed according to the statistical model of the process. Multiple situations have been categorized by a classification(More)
There are different approaches to the temporal study of time evolving systems. This paper reviews previous works related to time series and it evaluates three approaches focused to the comparison of these type of series. Two approaches are based on the principles of Dynamic Time Warping algorithm (DTW ) and one of them uses qualitative representation based(More)