Joan Cardona

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Barnacle muscle cells regulate their volume when exposed to anisotonic conditions. Due to their large size, these cells can be internally perfused. Interestingly, perfused cells maintain their volume regulatory properties (17,21). Thus, the osmotic properties of barnacle muscle cells can be studied under conditions in which the intracellular and(More)
Recording of archaeological sites has long been studied by many scientific organizations. However, the analyses and evolution of human beings through rock art is one of the most challenging tasks in prehistoric archaeology, not only because of the unpredicted contribution to the understanding of the past but also because of the difficulties for appropriate(More)
In this paper, a methodology for the experimental evaluation of mechanical vibration frequency response functions in the framework of groundbourne railway-induced and construction-induced vibration predictions is presented. This methodology is based on a device specifically designed for the excitation of railway superstructures. The device can be used also(More)
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