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Developmental defects of enamel were assessed in 15-year-old children born and continuously resident in three communities in the north east of England. In naturally fluoridated Hartlepool (F = 1.0-1.3 ppm), artificially fluoridated Newcastle (F = 1.0 ppm) and non-fluoridated Middlesbrough (F < 0.2 ppm) 361, 356 and 376 children respectively were examined.(More)
Many service users would like their spiritual needs to be taken into account during treatment and doing so has been shown to have positive benefits. However, this rarely happens in practice. Barriers to healthcare professionals providing spiritual care include embarrassment, lack of awareness and training, fear and lack of time. This article describes the(More)
Caries experience in 1374 children aged 15-16 years from three towns in the north east of England with varying concentrations of fluoride in drinking water, was determined. The mean DMFT values for 15-year-old continuous residents was 1.7 in Hartlepool (natural F 1.0–1.3 ppm), 2.5 in Newcastle (F adjusted to 1.0 ppm) and 3.3 in Middlesbrough (F = 0.2 ppm).(More)
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