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We present in this paper a decentralized architecture to correlate alerts between cooperative nodes in a secure multicast infrastructure. The purpose of this architecture is to detect and prevent the use of network resources to perform coordinated attacks against third party networks. By means of a cooperative scheme based on message passing, the different(More)
A general trust model and security framework for a multi- agent system designed to manage resources in future mobile communications networks is described. The multi- agent system is being developed as part of the IST SHUFFLE project [1]. A business model appropriate for selling of bandwidth resource and services is investigated and mechanisms to achieve a(More)
A solution for obtaining impartial random values in on-line gambling is presented in this paper. Unlike most previous proposals, our method does not require any TTP and allows e-gambling to reach standards of fairness, security an auditability similar to those common in physical gambling. Although our solution is detailed here for the particular case of(More)