Joan Bergas-Jané

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This paper compares different cascaded and multilevel topologies to interface supercapacitors to a dc bus in regenerative braking applications. It is shown that the modular multilevel dc/dc converter (MMC) can benefit from both reduced voltage and increased frequency across the inductor to reduce its weight and volume when using phase shifting modulation.(More)
Electric Vehicles (EVs) have seen significant growth in sales recently and it is not clear how power systems will support the charging of a great number of vehicles. This paper proposes a methodology which allows the aggregated EV charging demand to be determined. The methodology applied to obtain the model is based on an agent-based approach to calculate(More)
Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles can impact significantly on distribution systems. Normal charging will be the usual way while fast charging has to be considered as a complement to this. Both charging processes represent a new load for distribution networks. The effect of both normal and fast charging are assesses. Management strategies are(More)
This paper presents a simulation work and control aspects of a Booster Dipole magnet power supply to a light source. Description of structure, operation of the structure and synchronous rectification Buck converter are discussed. Voltage and Current mode controllers for one-quadrant and two-quadrant converters are proposed. Better performance results with(More)
Urban DC railway substations are growing in size due increasing capacity demand. Several challenges associated with the increase of power demand can be met using power electronics. The proposed system is based on DC-autotransformers and active rectifiers working similarly to those in 3-wire AC railway electrification system. Conventional simulation software(More)
For the last years, PV (photovoltaic) generation has been having an important impact on LV (low voltage) and MV (medium voltage) grids in Spain, due to the increasing number of installations. As power monitoring of the generation is in most cases not required, utilities are forced to make assumptions on PV power generation in order to perform network(More)
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