Joan Balog Shelton

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High performance liquid chromatography has been applied to the separation of the globin chains of 16 non-human species which include common mammalian and avian species. The procedure uses a large-pore C4 column which has been effectively employed for the separation of human globin chains. In many cases, the gradient for human chains with trifluoroacetic(More)
A stable complex between pentaammineruthenium(III) and histidine-33 in horse heart ferricytochrome c is formed in the reaction between aquopentaammineruthenium(II) and the protein at pH 7. HPLC of the tryptic hydrolysate of the modified protein was employed to identify the pentaammineruthenium binding site. Spectroscopic measurements show that the integrity(More)
The beta-gene-cluster haplotype and alpha-gene status were determined for 221 patients with sickle cell anemia, 41 with SC disease, and 21 with S-beta-thalassemia. Among SS patients, eleven beta S haplotypes were found in 21 combinations. Three haplotypes--the Benin (Ben) [---+-], the Central African Republic (CAR) [+---+], and the Senegal (Sen) [+-(More)
Extract: The fetal hemoglobin (Hb-F) of blood samples from 11 newborn babies (two normal infants, two sickle cell trait carriers, two Hb-C heterozygotes, two infants with Hb-SG disease, one infant with Hb-Richmond heterozygosity, one β-thalassemia heterozy-gote, and one infant with a heterozygosity for the hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin) and(More)
A presumably spontaneous mutation has resulted in the formation of Hemoglobin (Hb) Istanbul in which glutamine is substituted for histidine in the proximal position of the beta-chain (F8(92)). The anemia and other physiological effects that occur in the presence of Hb Istanbul were much ameliorated by splenectomy. Hb Istanbul is a relatively unstable(More)
Hemoglobin Sunshine Seth in which a histidyl is substituted for an aspartyl residue at position 94 of the alpha chain was detected at birth in a Caucasian male infant during cord blood screening and is present also in the mother and a male sibling. Although the substitution is in the alpha 1 beta 2 contact, it is without obvious deleterious effect on the(More)