Joan Aranda Lopez

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The utility of tumour markers (TM) in the differential diagnosis of cancer in serous effusion (fluid effusion (FE)) has been the subject of controversy. The aim of this study was to prospectively validate our previous study and to assess whether the addition of adenosine deaminase (ADA), C-reactive protein (CRP) or percentage of polymorphonuclear cells(More)
Parallelization of the coupling between CFD models for airflow and building energy simulation with an object-oriented infrastructure" (2012). ABSTRACT Integrating CFD & HT models with the general building program raises the computational time of building simulations as these simulations are usually performed over a period of one year. Within this context,(More)
The main objective of this paper is to present a numerical resolution of a suction muffler configuration by using an in-house object oriented CFD & HT code TermoFluids (Lehmkuhl et al. 2007), able to handle tridimensional geometries, unstructured meshes with intrinsic parallelization. This code has been adapted to be able to resolute 3D Navier-Stokes(More)
7 8 Affiliations: 9 a. Abstract 28 29 When vision of the hand is unavailable, movements drift systematically away 30 from their targets. It is unclear, however, why this drift occurs. We investigated 31 whether drift is an active process, where people deliberately modify their 32 movements based on biased position estimates, causing the real hand to move 33(More)
Buildings represent a major part of the world energy requirement. The simulation of combined heat, air and moisture (HAM) and pollutant transfer in this context is important to predict the indoor air quality (IAQ), along with the thermal comfort inside the buildings. Moreover, it is important to have appropriate levels of indoor humidity along with the room(More)
The rotometer described here consists of a data acquisition system made of several reed relays which are activated by a small moving magnet when the animal performs rotations. The apparatus has an angular discrimination which is dependent on the number of reed relays used. A simple interface is used to normalize the pulses produced when the reed relay(More)
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