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Despite growing interest, publications on ERP systems within the academic Information Systems community, as reflected by contributions to journals and international conferences, is only now emerging. This article provides an annotated bibliography of the ERP publications published in the main Information Systems journals and conferences and reviews the(More)
This paper seeks to analyze the relevance of critical success factors along SAP implementation phases. The ASAP implementation methodology is used as the SAP implementation reference model. Applying a process quality management method and the grounded theory method, we derive a matrix of critical success factors versus ASAP processes. Then, we evaluate the(More)
During the last years some researchers have studied the topic of critical success factors in ERP implementations, out of which 'training' is cited as one of the most ones. Up to this moment, there is not enough research on the management and operationalization of critical success factors within ERP implementation projects. This technical research report(More)