Joan Antoni Parellada

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OBJECTIVE To determine if a relationship exists between bone marrow edema-like signal and subchondral cysts on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). DESIGN Retrospective cohort of 32 patients with two sequential knee MRI. Patients with acute trauma, infection, neoplasm, or osteonecrosis were excluded. The degree of osteoarthritis was assessed using an(More)
PURPOSE To establish retrospectively a range of values for signal intensity change in normal vertebral marrow by using chemical shift magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and to assess the use of this technique in differentiating benign from malignant marrow abnormalities. MATERIALS AND METHODS Institutional Review Board approval for this retrospective,(More)
OBJECTIVE Our objective was to describe the MRI findings associated with acute and chronic distal tibiofibular syndesmosis injury. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ninety-four 1.5-T MRIs of ankles of 90 individuals with histories of severe sprain were assessed by two musculoskeletal radiologists for syndesmosis injury (acute, edema of the syndesmosis; chronic,(More)
To compare the results of sonographic (US) and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in detecting pathology of the posterior tibial tendon (PTT) in patients with PTT dysfunction. Twenty-two ankles that were clinically suspected by the orthopedic surgeon to have PTT dysfunction were evaluated with US (10 MHz linear-array transducer) and 1.5 T MR examinations(More)
Malignant neuroectodermal tumour of the chest wall (Askin tumour) is an uncommon malignant neoplasm affecting young adults. We retrospectively reviewed the clinical and pathological information and radiologic studies in our archives on eight cases of this tumour. All cases were pathologically proven. Plain films, CT scans and radionuclide images were(More)
To describe and characterize the temporal changes in disc-related disorders of the thoracic spine using MR imaging. A retrospective longitudinal cohort study was carried out of 40 patients with two sequential thoracic spine MR images at variable intervals. The images were assessed for baseline presence of, new incidence of and changes in disc herniation,(More)
We present three cases of mycotic aneurysms of the abdominal aorta that were initially diagnosed with computed tomography (CT). The accuracy of CT as the first imaging technique in the diagnosis of this condition is reviewed in light of our results and those reported in the literature.
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to describe the soft-tissue, synovial, and osseous MRI findings of septic arthritis. MATERIALS AND METHODS At 1.5 T (T1-weighted, T2-weighted or STIR, and contrast-enhanced images), 50 consecutive cases of septic arthritis were evaluated by two observers for synovial enhancement, perisynovial edema, joint effusion,(More)
The purpose of this study is to describe a phenomenon of bidirectional flow, "bicolor portal vein" (BPV), within the right anterior branch of the portal vein (RAPV), with color Doppler imaging (CDI). We prospectively studied with CDI the intrahepatic portal vein and its branches in 316 consecutive patients in search of areas of nonlaminar flow within the(More)