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—In this work, a system for recognition of printed mathematical expressions has been developed. Hence, a statistical framework based on two-dimensional stochastic context-free grammars has been defined. This formal framework allows to jointly tackle the segmentation, symbol recognition and structural analysis of a mathematical expression by computing its(More)
Atros is an automatic speech recognition/under-standing/translation system whose knowledge sources (acoustic models, lexical models, syntactic language models, semantic models and translation models) can be learnt automatically from training data by using similar techniques. The search process in Atros is performed through a Synchronous Beam Search(More)
An important problem related to the probabilistic estimation of Stochastic Context-Free Grammars (SCFGs) is guaranteeing the consistency of the estimated model. This problem was considered in 3, 14] and studied in 10, 4] for unambiguous SCFGs only, when the probabilistic distributions were estimated by the relative frequencies in a training sample. In this(More)
This paper presents an overview of the ImageCLEF 2016 evaluation campaign, an event that was organized as part of the CLEF (Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum) labs 2016. ImageCLEF is an ongoing initiative that promotes the evaluation of technologies for annotation, indexing and retrieval for providing information access to collections of images in(More)
The use of the Inside-Outside (IO) algorithm for the estimation of the probability distributions of Stochastic Context-Free Grammars is characterized by the use of all the derivations in the learning process. However, its application in real tasks for Language Modeling is restricted due to the time complexity per iteration and the large number of iterations(More)