Joan Almolla

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To assess the ability of Real-time Elastography (RTE) to differentiate malignant from benign testicular lesions. In 88 testicles ultrasound identified 144 lesions, which were examined by RTE. Elasticity images of the lesions were assigned the colour-coded score of Itoh (Radiology 2006), according to the distribution of strain induced by light compression.(More)
BACKGROUND The refinement of the use of platelet-derived growth factors that has occurred over the last decade has led to a broadening of the fields of use, in particular for new treatments in orthopaedics aimed at improving tissue regeneration. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-seven patients, aged between 18 and 81 years, with a diagnosis of degenerative(More)
INTRODUCTION Given the growing importance in clinical practice of transrectal real-time sonoelastography of the prostate, it is important to define normal patterns correlated to volume growth and reconsider the technical problems. MATERIALS AND METHODS We selected a sample of 100 men aged 30 to 87 with prostate volumes ranging from 20 to 100 cc. Strain(More)
Thoracic ultrasonography can be used for diagnostic purposes as well as a guide for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.When the lesion or fluid collection has been located and the patient properly positioned, the angle of the needle is identified with respect to the transducer. The insertion tract should transgress the smallest possible area of(More)
BACKGROUND The sacroiliac joint is one of the sources of chronic lower back pain. Intra-articular injections of anesthetic drugs and/or steroids are currently used in these cases for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. However, given the anatomic and functional complexity of the joint, imaging guidance is mandatory during such procedures. In this context,(More)
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