Joan A. Weaver

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OBJECTIVES We sought to examine the accuracy/consistency of a novel ultrasound speckle tracking imaging (STI) method for left ventricular torsion (LVtor) measurement in comparison with tagged magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (a time-domain method similar to STI) and Doppler tissue imaging (DTI) (a velocity-based approach). BACKGROUND Left ventricular(More)
Vitamin-B(12) malabsorption has been found in 21 (30%) of 71 diabetic patients taking long-term metformin therapy in addition to dietary management. The patients with evidence of B(12) malabsorption had significantly lower haemoglobin levels (and significantly higher serum folic acid levels) than those with normal B(12) absorption. Steatorrhoea was found in(More)
BACKGROUND Left ventricular (LV) thrombus is a frequent and potentially dangerous complication of ischemic heart disease (IHD). We evaluated the clinical, imaging, and pathology characteristics of confirmed LV thrombus and compared the diagnostic value of contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with transthoracic (TTE) and transesophageal(More)
INSULIN secreting tumours producing inappropriate hyperinsulinism are rare. Wilder, Allen, Power and Robertson, in 1927 described the first patient in whom hypoglycaemia was shown to be related to carcinoma of the pancreatic islets, which were presumed to be secreting insulin. The majority of insulinomas are small benign tumours amenable to surgical(More)
BACKGROUND Mitral regurgitation (MR) is a common complication of ischemic heart disease, and its presence portends adverse outcomes. As the exact mechanisms of ischemic MR are not well defined, we characterized left ventricular global geometry, regional function, and regional myocardial scarring, in addition to mitral valve apparatus geometry, using(More)
Platelet adhesiveness and the levels of two coagulation factors, fibrinogen and factor VIII, were studied in a series of diabetic and nondiabetic control subjects. All three measurements were significantly abnormal in the diabetic patients. The increase in platelet adhesiveness was capable of distinguishing the diabetics on a group basis, but not on(More)
BACKGROUND Left ventricular (LV) torsional deformation is a sensitive index for LV performance but difficult to measure. The present study tested the accuracy of a novel method that uses Doppler tissue imaging (DTI) for quantifying LV torsion in humans with tagged magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as a reference. METHODS AND RESULTS Twenty patients(More)
Changes in tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) may provide a mechanism to explain impaired glucose metabolism with advancing age. Hyperglycemic clamps (180 min, 10 mM) were performed on seven older [67 +/- 2 yr; body mass index (BMI) 24.7 +/- 1.0 kg/m(2)] and seven younger (22 +/- 1 yr; BMI 21.8 +/- 1.3 kg/m(2)) healthy sedentary males with normal(More)
This study was performed by using an institutional review board-approved protocol, with waived informed consent and HIPAA compliance. The purpose of this study was to preliminarily evaluate a cine delayed-enhancement (DE) pulse sequence for depiction of wall motion and myocardial scar extent during a single acquisition. The technique is based on(More)