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We have previously demonstrated that the C57BL/6J (B/6J) mouse will develop severe obesity, hyperglycemia, and hyperinsulinemia if weaned onto a high-fat, high-sucrose (HH) diet. In the present study, we compared the effects of fat and sucrose separately and in combination on diabetes- and obesity-prone B/6J and diabetes- and obesity-resistant A/J mice.(More)
While much of the interest in the relationship between weight change and smoking cessation has focused on weight gain, several studies have also reported weight loss or no change. To assess determinants of the direction of weight change, this study followed middle aged smokers from before to after their participation in various local smoking cessation(More)
A field experiment was conducted to assess the effects of enhanced personal responsibility and choice on a group of nursing home residents. It was expected that the debilitated condition of many of the aged residing in institutional settings is, at least in part, a result of living in a virtually decision-free environment and consequently is potentially(More)
The sweetness of sucrose depends on the temperature as well as the concentration of a solution. The main effect is that relatively low concentrations gain sweetness as temperature increases. This effect diminishes with progressively higher concentration and finally becomes negligible at about 0.5 M. At this concentration the various functions that relate(More)
  • J Rodin
  • 1990
Using a within-subjects design, we gave over-weight and normal-weight subjects a 500-mL drink of fructose, glucose, or aspartame diluted in lemon-flavored water or plain water in a randomized fashion at about weekly intervals. Food intake was assessed at a buffet lunch that began 38 min after the preload was completed. Blood was drawn throughout and assayed(More)
It has been proposed that increased glucocorticoid hormones and decreased sex hormones affect regional fat metabolism and distribution. In the present work, it was hypothesized that chronic, uncontrollable stress, known to affect the pituitary-adrenal and pituitary-gonadal axes might, therefore, lead to differences in regional fat accumulation. In(More)
A field experiment was performed to investigate the effect of several variables on helping behavior, using the express trains of the New York 8th Avenue Independent Subway as a laboratory on wheels. Four teams of students, each one made up of a victim, model, and two observers, staged standard collapses in which type of victim (drunk or ill), race of victim(More)
The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effect of the substantial changes in female reproductive hormones that occur during normal pregnancy on cardiovascular responses to psychological and physical challenges. Twenty-one healthy normotensive women performed serial subtraction, mirror image tracing, and isometric handgrip exercise tasks prior to(More)
The study considered the nature and extent of cravings in 108 healthy women between the ages of 20 and 37 who were tested at four time points over a 2-year period. There was substantial consistency over the four widely separated time points (3 months-1 year) in the types of foods craved, with chocolate and ice cream highest on the list, followed by fatty(More)