Joakim Nilsson

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Genetic engineering enables the construction of gene man Genome Project (5), efficient and robust production and purification strategies are necessary (6). For fusions resulting in fusion proteins having the combined properties of the original gene products. Fusion industrial production of recombinant proteins, simple and fast purification methods(More)
Elevated semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase (SSAO) activity has been observed in several human conditions, eg, diabetes, and it has been speculated that SSAO contributes to the development of vasculopathies associated with this disease. To investigate in vivo consequences of elevated expression of SSAO in vascular tissues, we have developed a transgenic(More)
Formation of biomineral structures is increasingly attributed to directed growth of a mineral phase from an amorphous precursor on an organic matrix. While many in vitro studies have used calcite formation on organothiol self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) as a model system to investigate this process, they have generally focused on the stability of amorphous(More)
Recombinant adenovirus vectors and transfection agents comprising cationic lipids are widely used as gene delivery vehicles for functional expression in cultured cells. Consequently, these tools are utilized to investigate the effects of functional over-expression of proteins on insulin mediated events. However, we have previously reported that cationic(More)
The construction and characterization of a combinatorial library of a solvent-exposed surface of an alpha-helical domain derived from a bacterial receptor is described. Using a novel solid-phase approach, the library was assembled in a directed and successive manner utilizing single-stranded oligonucleotides containing multiple random substitutions for the(More)
A dual affinity fusion approach has been used to study the expression and secretion of labile recombinant proteins in Escherichia coli. Here we show that three small eukaryotic proteins (human proinsulin, a thioredoxin homologous domain of rat protein disulfide isomerase, and the extracellular domain of the alpha 1.2-chain of a human T-cell receptor) are(More)
Purified cyclin B-cdc2 kinase has been shown previously to trigger cyclin degradation in interphase frog extracts by initiating a cascade of reactions that includes cyclin ubiquitinylation and ends with proteolysis. However, cyclin A-cdc2 kinase was not assayed in these early experiments. Here we have shown that full-length recombinant human cyclin A failed(More)
Direct and competitive kinetic analysis of the binding between a one domain analogue of protein A, and mutants thereof, to immobilised hIgG1 was compared using a biosensor system based on surface plasmon resonance detection. Rate constants determined from both assays were almost identical. The experiments demonstrate that competitive kinetic analysis can be(More)
The kinetics for trypsin cleavage of different fusion proteins, consisting of human proinsulin and two IgG-binding domains (ZZ), were investigated. To achieve simultaneous removal of the fusion tag and processing of proinsulin to insulin and free C peptide, three versions of the ZZ-proinsulin fusion protein were generated, having different trypsin-sensitive(More)