Joakim Nilsson

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Sparse signal models with learned dictionaries of morphological features provide efficient codes in a variety of applications. Such models can be useful to reduce sensor data rates and simplify the communication, processing and analysis of information, provided that the algorithm can be realized in an efficient way and that the signal allows for sparse(More)
BACKGROUND Recombinant adenovirus vectors and transfection agents comprising cationic lipids are widely used as gene delivery vehicles for functional expression in cultured cells. Consequently, these tools are utilized to investigate the effects of functional over-expression of proteins on insulin mediated events. However, we have previously reported that(More)
—A concept for doing accurate monitoring of temperature in power semiconductor modules is proposed. The concept involves glueing wireless single-chip temperature sensors with on-chip coils in direct contact with power semiconductor devices within their modules. Direct contact results in accurate temperature measurements while wireless technology such as(More)
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