Joakim Gustafsson

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In this paper, we extend PMON, a logic for reasoning about action and change, with causal rules which are used to specify the indirect eeects of actions. The extension, called PMON(RCs), has the advantage of using explicit time, includes actions with durations , nondeterministic actions, allows partial speciication of the timing and order of actions and has(More)
We have shown that the elimination algorithm (DLS) for reducing second-order logic to rst-order logic by Doherty, Lukaszewicz and Szalas, can be implemented. In order to make the algorithm eecient when more than one predicate is eliminated some changes are suggested. The DLS algorithm requires the input to be transformed into disjunctive form, however it(More)
The publishers will keep this article on-line on the Internet (or its possible replacement network in the future) for a period of 25 years from the date of publication, barring exceptional circumstances as described separately. The on-line availability of the article implies a permanent permission for anyone to read the article on-line, to print out single(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the effects of biofeedback on voice sound level (SL) in subjects with reduced voice SL, secondary to Parkinson disease (PD), using a portable voice accumulator. STUDY DESIGN Prospective intervention study. METHODS Voice SL, phonation time, and level of background noise were registered with a portable voice accumulator during three(More)
The following people have contributed to this thesis with support, help, comments , or patience: First of all I would like to express my deeply felt gratitude towards Patrick Doherty for his guidance and encouragement. Also many thanks to Lars Karlsson and Jonas Kvarnstrr om for doing the tedious task of reading the manuscript numerous times. I am greatful(More)