Joakim Gustafsson

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In this paper, we extend PMON, a logic for reasoning about action and change, with causal rules which are used to specify the indirect eeects of actions. The extension, called PMON(RCs), has the advantage of using explicit time, includes actions with durations , nondeterministic actions, allows partial speciication of the timing and order of actions and has(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate how the direct biofeedback on vocal loudness administered with a portable voice accumulator (VoxLog) should be configured, to facilitate an optimal learning outcome for individuals with Parkinson's disease (PD), on the basis of principles of motor learning. STUDY DESIGN Methodologic development in an experimental study. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the effects of biofeedback on voice sound level (SL) in subjects with reduced voice SL, secondary to Parkinson disease (PD), using a portable voice accumulator. STUDY DESIGN Prospective intervention study. METHODS Voice SL, phonation time, and level of background noise were registered with a portable voice accumulator during three(More)
acknowledgements The following people have c o n tributed to this thesis with support, help, comments , or patience: abstract The autonomy of an artiicial agent (e.g. a robot) will certainly depend on its ability to perform \intelligent" tasks, such as learning, planning, and reasoning about its own actions and their eeects on the enviroment, for example(More)
This work has been submitted for publication elsewhere, and if accepted, the current copyright m a y be transferred and the present v ersion may be superseded by a revised one. The WWW page at the URL provided below will contain up-to-date information about the current v ersion and copyright status of the article. Additional copyright information is found(More)
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